15 Romantic Places in Italy Perfect for Honeymoons

Italy Tourism

Traveling on a honeymoon vacation abroad is the dream of many people. Abroad many countries have romantic tourist attractions suitable for honeymooners, one of which is Italy. While on your honeymoon in Italy, you and your partner can explore Venice’s waterways, wine tasting, and vineyard tours in Tuscany, enjoy a romantic dinner by the Amalfi coast, and read Romeo’s and many other romantic places you can visit. If you are interested in honeymooning in this country, then here are 15 romantic places in Italy that you can use as a reference.

  1. Florence
    Florence is a romantic place in Italy known for its Renaissance-style art and architecture. The city is also known as a top honeymoon destination in Europe because of its stunning city views. Apart from having an architectural beauty that is second to none, the city is also home to the world-famous vineyards of Tuscania, making it one of the best places in Italy for a honeymoon. Come here to get drunk on beautiful Italian wines, dazzling beauty, and romance in the air. This is one of the great Italian honeymoon destinations. Enjoying a glass of wine while chatting is a romantic experience that will not be forgotten.
  2. Positano
    At first glance, Positano is a city with a fairytale feel that is beautiful and romantic. In this city many interesting locations can be visited, from local art galleries to churches, this artistic city is a must-visit for every couple. If you and your partner want to try something challenging, then snorkeling and kayaking are the right choices. In addition, you and your partner can also enjoy the sunset while enjoying a glass of cocktail by the beach.
  3. Venice
    Strolling the canal while riding a gondola with your partner is a romantic experience like no other. This is one of the reasons why Venice is a romantic place in Italy that must be visited on a honeymoon. In addition, you and your partner can also watch a show at the stunning La Fenice theater.
  4. Umbria
    One of the beautiful cities in Italy is known as one of the romantic places that must be visited during a honeymoon vacation. In general, Umbria is located in the heart of Rome and Tuscany. It is the largest and most beautiful park in the world and has always been a popular tourist destination. The serene atmosphere, stunning views, and beautiful natural surroundings make it a romantic place in Italy that you shouldn’t miss.
  5. Cilento
    Although many people are not aware of its existence, this area is a good choice when you are looking for a romantic place in Italy. This is because this area has the splendor of its unspoiled scenery and the feel that is not too crowded. In Cilento, you and your partner can enjoy your honeymoon vacation more peacefully.
  6. Sicily
    If you want a more memorable honeymoon vacation experience, then you can get a partner to visit. In Sicily, you can enjoy views of majestic castles to stunning islands. In addition, you can also visit the Taormina area, an area where you can eat fresh seafood and enjoy beautiful sea views.
  7. Naples
    Without visiting Naples, your month’s holiday in Italy would not be complete. This is because, the third-largest city in Italy has a lot for you to enjoy, such as stunning volcanic views, culinary diversity, many magnificent medieval-style buildings, and beautiful coastlines. In addition, you and your partner can also enjoy a glass of wine and delicious food while accompanied by romantic music on the beach.
  8. Monterosso Al Mare
    Monterosso Al Mare is a small town in Italy that you will remember. It is the last stop in the Cinque Terre region of Italy. In this city, you and your partner can explore the old city and the new city and wander around while admiring the many lemon trees, historical places such as castles and churches, and of course the amazing coastline.
  9. the Island of Capri
    The Island of Capri is a romantic place in Italy which is precisely located on the Bay of Naples, On this island, you will be greeted with the beauty of the surrounding nature and beautiful views of the city. In addition, on this island there is also the Blue Grotto, a dark cave where the sea shines because of the sun, making it look unique.
  10. Verona
    It is not surprising that the city of Verona is on the list of romantic places in Italy. This is because, this city is known as the setting for the eternal love story of Shakespeare, Romeo, and Juliet. legendary If you and your partner love literature, then the city of Verona is the perfect place for a honeymoon getaway. Apart from its romantic atmosphere, Verona has opera performances that are considered by many to be the most extraordinary in the world.
  11. Lake Como
    If you and your partner are bored with the beach atmosphere, then you can visit Lake Como. Lake Como has a romantic feel and the beauty of the mountainous scenery that surrounds the city of Bellagio makes it one of the romantic places in Italy that is suitable for honeymooners.
  12. Rome
    It is common knowledge that Rome is known as a city that has always been a popular honeymoon destination in Italy. This is because, this city has a romantic atmosphere that is supported by medieval buildings, streets that are still maintained their authenticity, and also cafes that you can find in almost every corner of its alleys. In addition, you and your partner should not miss the beauty of the Colosseum in this city.
  13. Mondello
    Mondello may be a strange city in the ears of many people. However, this city on the coast of Sicily is perfect as a honeymoon destination in Italy.

The city of Mondello has white sandy beaches, clear blue waters, and restaurants filled with mouthwatering Italian specialties. Enjoying food while looking at the beautiful beach is the most romantic thing in this city that you will never forget.

  1. Sardinia
    If you and your partner prefer a nature-themed honeymoon, then Sardinia Island is the right location to visit. On this island, you and your partner can do several adrenaline-pumping activities, such as rock climbing, boating, fishing, and hiking. Some of these activities will certainly strengthen your closeness with your beloved partner.
  2. Puglia
    If you and your partner like village views, and clear waters, enjoy delicious culinary delights, and admire the baroque architecture of buildings, then you can visit Puglia for your honeymoon vacation. Puglia is a region located in the south of Italy and is known as a hidden paradise. In addition, through this city, you and your partner can easily visit famous cities, such as the beautiful Alberobello and Gallipoli.