15 Beaches in Spain that You Must Visit

Spain Tourism

Spain is a country in Europe that is not only famous for its football club, monumental buildings, amazing art, and cuisine. However, this country also has many beautiful beaches that you must visit during the holiday season. For more details, here are 15 beaches in Spain that must be visited.

  1. Bolonia Beach
    This beach is located in the sprawling town of Tarifa and is especially popular for its Roman ruins, and restaurants in the vicinity. On one of Spain’s must-see beaches, you can hike across dunes and take in stunning views of the calm waters, explore grassy trails and of course the unspoiled golden sun. In addition, this beach is also very suitable for kite surfing activities.
  2. Alcudia Beach
    If you prefer to visit the beach with complete facilities, then Alcudia beach is the right location. Around the Alcudia beach are some of the best Spanish beach resorts and several other facilities, such as restaurants, bars, water sports, as well as WiFi. In addition to complete facilities, this beach also has a beautiful view. No wonder, if Alcudia is known as one of the beaches in Spain that you must visit.
  3. Cala Agulla Beach
    One of Spain’s must-visit beaches is located on the Balearic Island in Majorca. Cala Agulla Beach itself offers clean sand, green trees that surround it, and majestic mountains as a backdrop. In addition, this tropical beach in Spain is always visited by many people who like water sports, such as swimming, snorkeling, and surfing.
  4. La Concha Pantai Beach
    La Concha is not only known as one of the best city beaches in Spain but also in Europe. This beach has fine sand, beautiful bay views, and a promenade that is perfect for taking pictures. This makes La Concha an Instagrammable beach in Spain.
  5. Catedrais Beach
    Catedrais is one of the best beaches in Spain with a pristine atmosphere and rock formations carved by the waves. The beach itself is located in northwest Spain, and the closest town to this beach is Ribadeo. This must-visit beach this summer is a hidden paradise that should be on your holiday list.
  6. Cala Macarelleta Beach
    The twin beaches of Macarella and Macarelleta on the island of Menorca are popular Balearic tourism destinations. Both beaches offer beautiful views, clean sand, and clear waters. To reach this beach, you can walk along the cliffs from the nearest parking lot, or you can access it by boat or on foot from Cala Galdana.
  7. Muro Beach
    Muro is the name of one of the beaches in Spain that must be visited during the holiday season. This beach, which is located not far from Alcudia, has fine sand and clear waters. Complete facilities around the beach, such as restaurants, bars, and also inns, make this beach a pleasant tourist destination to visit.
  8. Ses Illetes Beach
    If you are looking for a beautiful beach with clear water and fine sand, then Ses Illetes beach on the island of Formentera is the right choice. To reach this beach, you can take a ferry from Ibiza to this small, quiet island. Due to these factors, this beach is very suitable as a place to relax for a panda weekend.
  9. Coffeete Beach
    Cofete Beach is famous for its stunning landscape as it is surrounded by the majestic Jandia mountains. The beach itself has clean golden sand and clear waters. In addition, the wind conditions on this beach also make many people visit it as a place for adrenaline-challenging kite surfing activities.
  10. Andrin Beach
    Andrin is one of a series of extraordinary beaches located in the province of Asturias in Northern Spain. This beach is often voted as one of the best in Europe because of its beautiful surroundings and is also known as one of the favorite surfing spots in Spain.
  11. Cala Galdana Beach
    Cala Galdana Beach is the perfect place to spend a weekend in Spain. The beach itself is precisely located at the western end of the southern coast of Menorca, only 10 km from the town of Ferreries. Every year, many tourists always visit this soft white sandy beach to just sunbathe or swim.
  12. El Duque Beach
    El Duque Beach is located on Tenerife’s southern coastline close to the popular holiday resorts of Los Cristianos and Adeje. With a gray sandy beach, El Duque is one of the most popular Blue Flag beaches in the area. This makes this beach a must-visit when you are on vacation in Spain.
  13. Levante Beach
    Levante is a beach with a lively atmosphere in Spain. This beach is located on the seafront of Benidorm and is known as the most popular holiday destination in Spain. The beach which is also suitable for family holidays in Spain has a length of six kilometers with clean golden sand.
  14. Portinatx Pantai Beach
    One of Spain’s must-visit beaches is located on the northern tip of the Balearic Island of Ibiza. There are three beaches in the vicinity. Portinatx is in a superb location, offering a serene setting on a white sandy beach with beautiful bay views. Truly a great location to relax after a full week of work.
  15. Las Teresitas Beach
    Las Terasitas Beach is located on Tenerife’s northeast coast, about a 15-minute drive north of Santa Cruz de Tenerife. This beach is very popular for its soft, light gold-colored sand, imported from the Sahara which is used to cover the black volcanic sand on the Island. In addition, Las Teresitas is a family beach that is suitable for children.
  16. El Sablon Beach
    The beach, also known as Playa de Bayas, is located in the province of Asturias. One of the beaches in Spain that must be visited is surrounded by beautiful natural forests so it is perfect for lovers of the outdoors. Its dark and golden sand is one of its main attractions. This beach also has several facilities to support your holiday experiences, such as showers, lifeguards, surfboard rentals, and a large parking lot.