Sekumpul Waterfall, Enjoy a Group of Waterfalls in Buleleng, Bali

Bali is an island in the Nusa Tenggara archipelago. In Bali, there are a lot of tourist attractions that present different natural beauty. Therefore, it is not surprising that Bali is always visited by tourists, not only from Indonesia itself but from various parts of the world.

Sekumpul Waterfall, Bali Indonesia

So do not be surprised if Tourism is the most important sector in Bali. In 2019, around 6.3 million tourists came to Bali. Wow, this number has increased compared to the previous year which was only 6 million 70 thousand people.

Even though we are currently in a pandemic period, this number can certainly continue to increase if the pandemic is over. For those of you who plan to vacation in Bali, it’s a good idea to visit the Waterfall tourist spot.

Yes, it turns out that in Bali there are waterfalls. One of them is Sekumpul Waterfall, which is located in Sekumpul Village, Buleleng, Bali. This waterfall presents extraordinary natural beauty. Check it out, more reviews about this Sekumpul Waterfall, check out!

The Enchantment of the Beauty of Sekumpul Waterfalls
The charm of the beauty of Sekumpul Waterfall is extraordinary. This waterfall is named Sekumpul Waterfall because it is located in Sekumpul Village, where there are many waterfalls in this village. So like a group, it means a collection of waterfalls, so when you come to the Sekumpul Waterfall area you will see several waterfalls, not just one.

To get to the location of this Sekumpul Waterfall, you have to spend extra energy. Because after you park your four-wheeled vehicle, you have to walk to the location of Sekumpul Waterfall or you can take an ojeg that is ready to take you.

After arriving at the location of the entrance to Sekumpul Waterfall, you are required to descend the stairs of about 350 steps. Where the conditions are very steep and slippery, so you have to be extra careful.

Along the way, you will pass through a resident’s plantation area which is mostly planted with clove trees. In addition, you will see a stretch of green trees in front of your eyes. You will take about 20 to 30 minutes down these stairs.

If you are tired when you go down the stairs, in the middle of the journey there is a gazebo that leads to Sekumpul Waterfall for you to rest for a while, returning your enthusiasm to continue the journey.

The last time you go down the stairs you have to be extra careful because the stairs are very steep and made of iron. After that, the feeling of tiredness when descending hundreds of stairs disappears instantly when you see the beauty of Sekumpul Waterfall.

Sekumpul Waterfall has two streams of water, which come from two different springs. The water flow on the right comes from the Sekumpul Village River, while the other comes from a spring which is located on the hills of Sekumpul Village.

So if it rains, the color of the waterfall will be different. The flow of water that comes from the river will be cloudy when compared to the flow of water that comes from springs.

The splash of the waterfall will hit you and relieve the tiredness you feel. In addition, you will also be given cool air and epic views.

When you walk down Sekumpul Waterfalls you will not only enjoy Sekumpul Waterfalls but several waterfalls including:

  1. Puncak Sari Waterfall or Secret Garden
    Visitors call it the Secret Garden because it is a hidden place that is rarely visited. The Secret Garden is a fairly wide pool with blue water. It also has a small waterfall, where the water is very clean and clear. Swimming in this pool is very exciting, you can swim in clear water decorated with the unspoiled surrounding scenery and an atmosphere that is not too crowded.
  2. Fizi Falls
    Fizi Waterfall is located not too far from Sekumpulan Waterfall. To be able to enjoy Fizi Waterfall you have to pay a ticket of Rp. 10,000, – for Indonesian citizens and Rp. 15.000,- for foreigners. The atmosphere is calmer when compared to Sekumpulan Waterfall which is quite busy. The flow of the waterfall is very swift and clean.
  3. Hiden Falls
    This waterfall is named Hiden Falls because of its very hidden location and is rarely visited by tourists. Even so, Hiden Falls provides us with incomparable beauty. The waterfall is surrounded by trees that line up as if to protect it. To be able to enjoy it, you don’t need to spend a penny.

Location and Address of Sekumpul Waterfalls
The location and address of Sekumpul Waterfall are in Sekumpul Village, Sawan District, Buleleng Regency, Bali.

Sekumpul Waterfall Operating Hours
Sekumpul Waterfall operating hours are open every day, from Monday to Sunday. And open from 08.00 to 17.00 WITA.

Route to Sekumpul Waterfalls
The route or direction that you can use to reach Sekumpul Waterfall is not too far from Singaraja, which is only about 20 kilometers away. If you move from downtown Denpasar you will cover a distance of approximately 76 kilometers or takes about 2.5 hours of travel.

To get to Sekumpul Waterfall, you can use the route:

Go to Singaraja bypassing the route to the Bedugul Tourism area. After that, head to Sawan District and then move to Sekumpul Village.
The second route is after passing Bedegul about 10 kilometers then you will find a small fork. Direct your vehicle to turn right and follow the road until you arrive at the entrance to Sekumpul Waterfall. The distance from the small T-junction to the location is about another 12 kilometers.
Sekumpul Waterfall Entrance Ticket
The entrance ticket to the Sekumpul Waterfall area is very cheap, you will only be charged:

  • For Indonesian citizens: Rp. 10,000,- per person
  • For foreigners: Rp. 15.000,- per person

Facilities Available at Sekumpul Waterfalls
Public facilities available at Sekumpul Waterfalls are not adequate, such as the absence of toilets or bathrooms, and food stalls. There is only a vehicle parking area and a gazebo which is located in the middle of the journey to the location of the Waterfall.

The accommodation closest to the location of this Sekumpul Waterfall can be your reference material for staying overnight, there’s nothing wrong if you look at the lodging references below:

  • Sekumpul Accommodation which is 800 meters from Sekumpul Waterfalls with the offered price of around Rp. 200,000, – per night.
  • Sekumpul BnB from Sekumpul Waterfall is only 0.6 Km away with a price range of Rp. 140.000,- per night.
  • Sugi Gede Homestay is about 800 meters from Sekumpul Waterfall with an offered price of Rp. 160,000, – per night.
  • Ananda Homestay is 800 meters away from Sekumpul Waterfall with a price range of Rp. 157.500,- per night.
  • Friendly Homestay Lemukih with a distance from Sekumpul Waterfall about 1.4 kilometers with a price range of Rp. 250.000,- per night.

Travel Tips
We recommend that you refer to the following travel tips for those of you who plan to go see the beauty of Sekumpul Waterfall, namely:

  • Make sure your condition is in a fit state.
  • Use comfortable footwear, because you will descend hundreds of stairs which are quite steep.
  • Don’t forget to bring a change of clothes, if you want to swim.
  • Be careful when descending stairs.
  • Bring sufficient supplies of drinks for the trip.
  • Always keep the Sekumpul Waterfall environment clean.
  • Prepare your gadget to save beautiful memories while at Sekumpul Waterfall.