Nusa Penida, the Charming Heaven’s Fault

Who does not know Nusa Penida. Tomorrow’s area near the island of Bali is always hunted by both domestic and foreign tourists. This area is a paradise whose beauty cannot be denied. everyone dreams of going and visiting this place. Including native friends too.

Nusa Penida Bali, Indonesia

There are so many areas on the island of Nusa Penida that are cute and can be used as a place for a vacation with family. Curious, which are the fantastic places in Nusa Penida. Let’s continue our exploration of Nusa Penida Island below. However, first, let’s look at how to get to Nusa Penida Island.

Heading to Nusa Penida
For native friends who come from outside Bali. You can go to Bali first in two ways. You can take trains and ships, or you can also take airplanes. You can also travel long distances using private vehicles.

The total trip to the island of Bali at this time is quite expensive, the budget must be in the range of 500 for business class and above, including by plane. It can be cheaper with an economy class train which only takes 200 thousand to reach Bali

After entering the island of Bali, native friends can direct the vehicle to Sanur Beach. Where, here is a ship heading to Nusa Penida. By fast boat, the price ranges from 75 thousand to 150 thousand rupiahs for one way.

Interesting Places in Nusa Penida
After arriving at Nusa Penida, let’s explore the beauty of this area:

  1. Broken Beach/ Pasih Uug
    This area is indeed very optimistic with its blue seawater, and the cool breeze that blows. The name Broken Beach was given because, in this place, there is a cliff that is quite high, which is 50-200 meters. Where there is a large hole in the middle.

When viewed from above, it will look like a large and beautiful well. Because the water in this hole is blue and very clear. This beach is located in the village of blooming flowers. For native friends who need a place to calm down from various kinds of problems, this area is the most appropriate place.

The beautiful scenery is like green grass. Beach with some solid cliffs. Making this area a favorite place for those who visit Nusa Penida.

  1. Angel’s Billabong
    The second heaven is Angel’s Billabong. The distance is quite close to Pasih Uug, only walking about 300 meters. through some rocks that are quite steep and able to drain sweat. This area is located on the edge of a cliff on the beach. So, it takes extra energy to get to this area.

You could say this area is a natural swimming pool that can be used to soak and enjoy the coral cliffs. Usually, after arriving in this area, native friends definitely can’t wait to swim. However, you have to go down first by descending the rocks.

Going down must be careful because the stones are very sharp and can make the heart hurt. So stay patient and don’t be in a hurry, native friend. The best time to visit here is in the afternoon. When the sun is getting tired of the day and about to set.

  1. Pinkie Beach
    This is the paradise of diving and snorkeling. The underwater world whose name is already famous in all circles. This place called Manta point is indeed the most stable and presents an impressive diversity of fauna.

The natural scenery of this area is indeed beautiful and can anesthetize anyone who comes to this place. Even everyone will be stunned, speechless, and blinking in an instant. One thing that becomes an obligation when you arrive there is camping in the area that has been provided.

Enjoying the night on the little finger beach is indeed different from the others. Especially with the sound of the waves crashing, like a melody that never stops playing an impressive rhythm. Interestingly, the price of admission to this area is free.

  1. Toyapakeh
    This is the starting point for native friends who come from the port of Sanur. This area is also bordered by the island of Nusa Ceningan which is only separated by the sea. This tourist attraction has the charm of a beautiful beach. In addition, Toyapakeh has some interesting and tempting ships of faith.

These ships are usually used as a place for selfies and wefies. In addition, the Toyapakeh area is famous for its underwater cultural heritage. Where there is a Buddhist temple that resides here. Under the sea, another allure is the existence of seaweed farming.

If native friends visit during the dry month, you will find cute sunfish. These fish are only available from July to November. Here too, native friends will meet fish measuring more than 2 meters.

  1. Goa Giri Putri
    The next tourist attraction is Goa Giri Putri which is located at an altitude of 150 meters above sea level and has a length of 310 meters. This place will never be empty of visitors. All tourists, including the people who come to pray. Most of them are curious about the religious rituals that are here.

There is a myth that develops in this area, namely about the water flowing from the springs of Goa Giri Putri Temple which contains natural powers. It is said that he can cure various diseases.

Well, this sacred area makes women who are menstruating not allowed to enter. Other visitors also, must wear a sarong and scarf and must maintain speech and behavior while in this area.

  1. Seganing Springs
    This is an area that has beauty and very good and friendly people. This spring is indeed tomorrow because it plunges directly from above into the open sea.

The terrain that is taken is very extreme. Native friends will be presented with a challenging journey. Going up and downstairs, along rocks, soil, and cliffs are very exhausting.

However, don’t give up just yet. Because, in every sweat that pours, native friends will be served a beautiful view. Too bad to miss. Moreover, have to stop in the middle of the road.

It is said that in the past many residents got clean water from this spring. Therefore, a road was made that makes it easier for residents to fetch water. Over time, this spring has turned into an impressive tourist attraction.

Nusa Penida is a piece of heaven that God gave to this place. This fault should be well preserved so that all people around the world can enjoy it.

How, have you decided where to go to Nusa Penida? Come and feel the excitement on this island. Remember Nusa Penida can’t wait for your arrival.