Blanco Museum, Enjoying the Masterpieces Painters

Until now, the Island of the Gods is still a dream destination for all native friends from all over the archipelago and even to all corners of the world. Usually, a vacation to Bali will be filled with beaches and beaches. This time, we will not explore the beach, but explore a museum.

The Blanco Renaissance Museum, Ubud Bali

The area of ​​this museum is quite interesting. Because tourists will be presented with various kinds of works of art in the form of interesting paintings. A top-class masterpiece that will surely bring admiration. This museum is called the Blanco Renaissance.

Maybe, for some native friends, they are still unfamiliar with the name of this museum. It’s understandable because the prestige of this place is still inferior to some other tourist objects. Alright, instead of lingering, let’s see the exploration below.

Blanco Gate Museum

Blanco Museum Profile
The name of the owner of this attraction is Mario Antonio Blanco. Born in Manila, Philippines, on September 15, 1912. Since he was 5 years old. Blanco has shown his love for the arts, language, and literature. Not infrequently such a small child tries to be creative in the field he likes.

His love for the world of art and literature led him to become an expert in the language. Unmitigated, Blanco can speak 5 languages ​​at once. Indonesian, French, Spanish, Tagalog, and Balinese regional languages.

On his way to becoming a painter. Blanco painted the curves of a woman’s body. While learning more about the world of painting. Until he decided to settle in Bali in 1952.

His desire to have a museum was almost realized. Where, the king of Ubud at that time, gave Blanco land in Campuan, Ubud which was used as a house as well as a studio for painting.

Blanco Antonio Museum
In 1953, Blanco married a Balinese dancer. The life he lived by painting and the painting was destined for a museum he had prepared for a long time. Unfortunately, before the opening of the museum, Blanco had already died.

He received many awards during his life. The award came from President Soekarno, President Soeharto. In addition, he also received international awards from the king of neighboring Cambodia, singer Michael Jackson and the king of Spain.

Hidden Charm
Many tourists may not know what the real attraction of this museum is. When you first set foot here, tourists will be greeted with an exotic Balinese house. This museum is indeed designed to resemble buildings in Bali.

From the front page, native friends can take some interesting and tomorrow’s pictures. Other than that, this place is at the top of a mixed hill. Where the atmosphere and temperature are very cool and shady. Free from the suffocating noise of vehicles and pollution.

Oxygen is still very good quality makes everyone who visits here reluctant to go home. Like there is a magical power that requires native friends to linger in this place.

Inside the area, native friends will be presented with a very wide lawn. In this place, tourists will begin to be hypnotized. It seems that everything here can only be expressed in one word, namely Kece.

Blanco Front. Museum
Judging from the building is a blend of Bali and Spain. In the main building, native friends will be presented with various kinds of Blanco’s paintings that show the curves of a woman’s body. While outside there is a collage of paintings from the 60s.

In the garden area, native friends will be entertained by the presence of several flocks of birds. This is where usually native friends will start the photo hunt. There are photos of adorable birds. There are only photos in the garden area. Anyway, this place can be said to be a photo spot.

It’s not just a normal painting. Tourists can also see some pornographic paintings that are indeed a spice of a trip through this area. here too, native friends can buy a biographical book about Blanco at an affordable price.

The museum management itself also provides tour package services that can be used as an alternative to getting around enjoying every ink stroke from the hands of this famous painter. These paintings can be used as interesting poses that can be posted on various social media.

In addition, the presence of tropical plants makes the atmosphere of this area different. The rustic feel with the friendliness of the museum staff makes native friends feel at home. In addition to being a place for sightseeing, this place also provides temple facilities for worship. There are also cafes and restaurants selling Balinese food.

Blanco Birds Museum
There are also some Asian and European snacks that you shouldn’t miss to enjoy. All of these foods will come together and shake your native tongue until you feel full. For those who like to eat, the taste of this food can divert your world.

Don’t forget the interesting souvenir shop. These souvenirs are cute and funny. Perfect as a gift for friends or family at home. With a very friendly price for tourists who want it.

In addition, native friends can also relax in the museum guest area and in the toilets that have been provided. All the facilities in this area can be said to be very friendly for native friends who visit this place.

Address and Route Location
The address of the location of this area is on Jalan Raya Penastanan No. 8, Campuhan Village, Sayan, Ubud, Gianyar Regency, Bali. The distance from Bali’s Ngurah Rai Airport is 38 km. or takes approximately 1 hour and 22 minutes.

Native friends can use the route, from Jl. By Pass Ngurah Rai – Jalan Raya Batubulan-Jl. Raya Singapadu-Jl. Raya Kangetan Jlna Campuhan III in seingakerta. Then take the road to the museum on Jalan Raya Penestanan in Sayan then your native friends will arrive at the location.

Price of admission
For the entrance ticket, a fee of 30 thousand rupiahs will be charged. Coupled with a parking fee of 15 thousand rupiahs for cars and motorized vehicle users will be charged a fee of 10 thousand rupiahs.

The operational hours of this area will be open from 9 am to 5 pm. A short time for native friends to enjoy all the beauty of this area. however, in this short time, an impression will be created and memories will be buried deep.

Blanco Museum Learn Painting

Well, for those of you who are looking for lodging, here there are lots of inns in the form of hotels and homestays. Native friends can choose for themselves which facilities may match the price you want, native friends.

Blanco Renaissance Museum is an interesting area to visit. There are so many interesting spots that can be used as photo spots. The atmosphere and the nuances are so shady and cool, the more it gives an extraordinary sense of comfort.

Come and visit, and feel for yourself the interesting sensation in this museum of Blanco.