Bedugul Botanical Gardens, a Place to Study and Take Selfies with Flora

Has anyone ever been to the Bogor Botanical Gardens? The botanical garden bordering the Bogor state palace does indeed present a feel that makes you paper. Where native friends can see various kinds of flowers from ordinary to rare. Not only that, the myth about the bridge that is here is also a concern.

Bedugul Botanical Gardens, Bali Indonesia

At this time we will not explore this botanical garden. rather, the Bali Botanical Gardens. Or known as the Bedugul Botanical Gardens. This area is almost similar to the Bogor Botanical Gardens, it has many types of plants that can be used for educational and selfie purposes.

For native friends who have never been here, see the exploration below.

Bedugul Botanical Garden Profile
This area was built on the idea of ​​Ir. Kuswoto setyodiwiryo and I Made Taman want to build a botanical garden area outside Java. Both finally, glanced at the island of Bali as the right place for their desires.

In the end in 1958 this area was built. And, on July 15 1959 this area was inaugurated by Ir. Kuswoto setyodiwiryo. With the name Eka Karya. Where the meaning of Eka Karya is the result of real work until the establishment of this place.

Initially, this area only has an area of ​​​​50 ha. However, since the change of leadership, this area has continued to grow until it currently reaches 157 ha. And used as a plant conservation area.

Bedugul Park Botanical Gardens

Orchid Plant, Begonia, Cactus
When native friends explore this area, several places can be enjoyed, the first is the orchid plant. The Orchid area is divided into two. Where the lower area is used for crosses and the upper area is used for wild orchids which are collection priorities.

There are more than 293 types of orchids in this garden collection. Usually, this orchid will flower from March to June. However, in other months there are still some flowering orchids, so, if native friends want to see the true beauty of orchids then come between March and June.

Then the begonias. This flower does have a panorama that is not inferior to orchids. In the world, there are about 1700 types of begonia plants. Meanwhile, in Indonesia alone, there are 213 types of plants. While in this botanical garden itself, there are about 94 types of begonia plants neatly arranged here.

Then there’s the cactus. Plants that can live in hot air have 2000 species and 300 genera. The spread of cacti is in America and also Mexico. This botanical garden itself collects about 68 types of cacti.

Bedugul Cactus Botanical Garden

Ferns And Medicinal Plants
There is about 2 ha of cactus plant land that can be enjoyed by native friends. In this place, there are approximately 80 species of ferns originating from Bali, Nusa Tenggara, Sulawesi, Sumatra, and Papua. Among these areas, Bali is an area with protected ferns.

Trading is regulated by law. Usually, ferns are used as works of art and for bouquets.

All over the world, there are various types of medicinal plants that are spread and are commonly used as medicine to cure all kinds of diseases. In this area, there are about 300 types of medicinal plants that grow. On a land area of ​​1,600 square meters.

Bedugul Paku Botanical Garden 1
There must be someone who is confused by the name of the ceremonial plant. This plant is used specifically by Balinese people for various kinds of traditional ceremonies that are often held. Next are aquatic plants.

In the Balinese Botanical Gardens, these plants are collected and arranged over the water with a terraced pond. Not only that but this pool is also decorated with various kinds of ornaments that attract native friends to come and capture it with a lens.

Bamboo plants are types of plants that can grow in various places. In Indonesia alone, there are approximately 125 types of bamboo. Where 50 of them can be used for crafts and industry.

Bedugul Botanical Garden Bamboo Garden

There are approximately 59 collection numbers, 20 species, and 155 specimens here from Java, Bali, Nusa Tenggara, Sulawesi, and Papua. As well as crosses from Taiwan, the USA, Japan, and Germany. This species is located in Southeast Asia and there are about 300 species. Some rhododeons grow well in mountainous areas.

In various parts of the world, there are approximately 105 genera and 3300 species of Araceae. Meanwhile, in Indonesia, there are 30 genera and 410 species of Araceae. Meanwhile, this botanical garden has 31 genera and 98 species. Some of these plants are known to have very high levels of nutrients and carbohydrates.

Herbarium and Bird Watching
This herbarium stores various kinds of dry and wet collection plants. As well as seeds derived from exploring plants. The collection is as many as 10,000 species of mosses. Native friends can also see the collection but are still under the supervision of officers. Here, native friends can also observe some bird activities. Most of the birds that are here are protected birds. The best time for bird watching is in the morning and evening. Here there are approximately 79 species of birds that live freely in the Bedugul Botanical Gardens.

Bedugul Paku Botanical Garden

Address and Route Location
The address of this location is on Jalan Kebun Raya, Candikuning, Baturiti, Tabanan Regency, Bali Province. There are many ways to get to this area. One of them is using a private vehicle. Native friends can follow the signs that are already widely available which will guide your native friends to this area.

The road that must be traversed is quite vulnerable to disasters. Twisted and a little sharp. So, native friends are advised to be careful when crossing this path. Moreover, after it rains, the roads will be slippery and very dangerous for vehicles.

Price of admission
The ticket price for this area is 9 thousand rupiahs, however, foreign tourists are charged 17 thousand rupiahs. The cost is still added to the parking fee for cars of 10 thousand rupiahs and motorbikes of 5 thousand rupiahs.

If a native friend comes with a car. So native friends are allowed to get around this area by car. This area is also often used as a pre-wedding place. So, do not be surprised if almost every day this area will be visited by tourists. The rate for holding a pre-wedding is between 500 thousand – and 1 million rupiahs.

Bedugul Botanical Gardens is an interesting area to visit. Where native friends can learn a lot about plants. In addition, as a perfect recreation area because, the location of this park is at an altitude of 1,200 meters above sea level. The coolness will certainly be felt, and the shade and tranquility can also be felt.