Amed Beach, Getting to Know the Exotic Underwater Paradise in Bali

A visit to Bali is indeed mandatory to visit one of its exotic beaches. It feels like you haven’t been to Bali if you haven’t been to the beach. Well, among some of the famous beaches in Bali, there is one beach whose name is still a little hidden. This beach is located in the Karangasem area with exotic charm.

Amed Beach, Bali Indonesia

The name of the tourist attraction is Amed Beach. Many say this area is a hidden paradise that is rarely exposed. However, not for foreign tourists who have known this area for a long time. So, don’t be surprised if you are in this place a lot of foreign tourists spillover.

Getting to know Amed Beach
When viewed from the shoreline, this area is not very attractive. With brownish-black sand beach. In contrast to various beaches in Bali which have beautiful white sand. Therefore, not many tourists enjoy this beach.

Do not be surprised if when tourists visit here, tourists rarely see many tourists sitting and playing. Only one or two people. This view is indeed far from the beach in Bali which is famous for its cornucopia of coastal areas.

However, not everything on this beach is bad, native friend. If your native friend walks about 20 meters, then your native friend can see how the next day the Japanese patrol ship skeleton sank during the second world war.

This framework is a photo spot that should not be left behind. Lots of native friends visited this ship when they set foot here. Some people will be willing to queue up to get photos of historical Japanese ship skeletons.

Don’t forget to come in the morning too. Because the feel of the sunrise is a must to enjoy. To be honest, the beauty of this dawn is more tempting than the dawn that rises on some beaches in Bali.

Salt Farmer
Well, the Amed area has always been known as a traditional salt producer. Therefore, do not be surprised if there are many salt farmers around the coast.

They will process this brine into salt in the traditional way. Tourists can also see how the process is from start to finish.

Underwater Heaven
What is seen on the shoreline will be inversely proportional to the underwater world. Where the paradise of Indonesia spreads out here.

Impressive coral reefs and tomorrow become the main treat and dish. So, do not be surprised if a lot of tourists are under the sea.

Small and adorable fish will be seen and seem ready to be photographed. Moreover, doing snorkeling activities here is quite cheap. Tourists only need to pay 50 thousand rupiahs. Native friends can already see the beauty that cannot be expressed in words.

For native friends who can’t do this activity and want to try it. Native friends can take advantage of the lake area that is close to this area. Where this lake is usually used as a place for those who want to learn to snorkel. With teachers who are kind, not arrogant, and patient.

They will tell you anything tourists need to become a snorkeling expert. Regarding the price, tourists can bid directly to them, which is certain after studying here, tourists will be good at snorkeling.

Here, tourists can see some cute fish such as bannerfish, black snapper, damselfish, tigerfish, butterflies, and pyramids. And there are many more marine life that can be invited to take pictures.

Interesting Culinary and Lodging
Well, to meet the needs of eating and sleeping. Near this area, there are many traditional stalls selling several traditional food menus as well as western menus.

Prices offered here start from 50 thousand rupiahs. In addition, the taste produced by several restaurants here is very, very pleasant. Tongues wagging and reluctant to stop, captivated is one thing that will happen.

In addition, around this area has also grown a lot of various kinds of lodging with prices that can be chosen. Following the facilities that will be felt by tourists. How, interesting is not it? Amed beach area.

There are also several inns here that offer services for learning to dive. With professional divers. In terms of price, it is more expensive in the hotel area. Because here the price is right and non-negotiable.

Amed Beach Tours
This beach area is indeed a paradise for the underwater world. Not far from the amed beach, there is a beach area that has more ecocriticism than the amed beach under the sea. Because this beach has a view of the ships that sank during the war.

These ships become an interesting new ecosystem to visit. Moreover, the charm of diving in this area cannot be expressed in words. The historic ships seen on the Amed coast are in the form of skeletons.

On this beach, native friends can see the ship directly. In addition, native friends can see an incredibly beautiful marine park. Lots of fish are passing by here and there. From sharks to whales. The area is in the village of Jemeluk, more precisely on the Jemeluk beach.

Address and Route Location
The address for this location is in Amed Village, Abang, Karangasem Regency, Bali. There are various ways that tourists can take if they want to go here. Can use with private vehicles. You can also use public transportation.

It is highly recommended, that tourists can use public transportation. Apart from avoiding traffic jams that often occur in the Karangasem area. Native friends can save a little because public transportation in the Bali area is very friendly.

For tourists who come from Denpasar. You can use the bus from Denpasar terminal to Batuluban terminal. Then, move again by using a vehicle to amlapura. Arriving here, move using public transportation to the amed area. The total time it will take is approximately 45 minutes

Meanwhile for tourists who want to use private vehicles. The distance from Denpasar city is approximately 78 km. the time taken is approximately 2 hours. It is recommended that native friends use the map application available on their smartphones. Because the Amed beach area has winding roads and is a little difficult to reach.

If, judging from the time difference that exists. Maybe, tourists can choose public transportation to take tourists to this amed beach area.

Price of admission
The price for the entrance ticket to this area is quite cheap, only 5 thousand rupiahs is charged plus a parking fee of 10 thousand rupiahs for the car. And pay a parking fee of 5 thousand rupiahs for tourists who use motorized vehicles.

How about this amed beach, it’s beautiful, isn’t it? Maybe, tourists can’t see the beauty of this beach if they haven’t come directly to this place. So, let’s visit here and enjoy the impressive and eye-catching underwater world. Remember, the amed beach biota is waiting for you.