The Charming Tegal Wangi Beach in Bali

Bali is indeed inexhaustible in terms of attracting tourists to visit. With a variety of interesting tourist objects ranging from beaches, lakes, and temples to national parks. Like Pantal Tegal Wangi. So, what is the uniqueness of this beach? The beach is surrounded by stunning high cliffs. You can see the beauty of the beach from above.

Tegal Wangi Beach, Bali Indonesia

This beach is also known as the hidden beach in Bali. Because of its location surrounded by towering cliffs. And also this Tegalwangi beach is still a little deserted by visitors, but of course, you have to take advantage of this to enjoy the beauty of this beach with wisdom. Curious about this? Come on, see more.

What makes this Tegalwangi beach not crowded yet? The beauty of this beach, of course, is a shame if you don’t visit this place while in Bali. This beach is located on Jalan Tegal Wangi, Jimbaran Village, South Kuta District, Badung Regency, Bali Province.

To get to the location, you can use public transportation, private vehicles, or rent a car or motorbike available in Bali. If you depart from Ngurah Rai international airport, you will take 40 minutes of travel time. Meanwhile, if you depart from Denpasar, you will take about 60 minutes to travel.

This beach is very close to the Ayana hotel in the direction of Tegalwangi Temple then you just have to follow the road sign that shows the direction to the beach.

Entrance Ticket Prices and Opening Hours
And the most interesting thing is that you don’t have to pay for an entrance ticket or it’s free. So all you need to prepare is a parking fee of Rp. 5,000 for motorbikes and Rp. 15,000 for the car. Affordable, right? What are you waiting for, visit this Tegal Wangi Beach immediately while in Bali?

In addition, this beach is also open 24 hours a day, so you can play there to your heart’s content.

Beach Attraction
At a fairly affordable price, you can also enjoy the interesting things that you can find at Tegal Wangi Beach. Although it is still quiet and the facilities provided are not widely available, you can still enjoy the enchanting charm of this beach. As follows.

  1. Beautiful beaches in Bali

You know, even though it’s surrounded by cliffs, this beach doesn’t just fade away with its beauty. The surrounding cliffs support the natural beauty here.

Views of the typical dreamland cliffs and along the coast surrounded by green and beautiful trees. Not only that, but the waves it has are also very beautiful with a beautiful blue color.

  1. Hidden Beach in Bali

Why is that? Because to get to the beach location, you need to pass a slightly winding and quite difficult path. This is because the texture of the road is made of limestone which is quite steep and slightly downhill.

However, your trip will not be in vain, because the beauty of this beach will pay for all your tiredness.

  1. Pre-wedding photo spot on Bali Beach

Imagine, right if your pre-wedding is above the typical dreamland cliffs supported by a natural beauty background from a calm and cool beach.

This will make your pre-wedding photos more beautiful. Also, the white sand that is owned will make you enjoy the photoshoot while playing on the beach.

  1. The place to see the sunset in Bali

Because this beach has not been touched by many tourists, making this beach a suitable place to enjoy the sunset without any obstacles.

Watching the sunset directly on the beach makes a beautiful moment in your life.

  1. The sacred beach

This is not without reason why this beach is named Tegal Wangi. The word ‘tegal’ means plantation and ‘Wangi’ means fragrant’.

Thus, the locals take care of this beach to keep it sustainable and holy. This place is also often used as a place to perform ceremonies on the feast of Melasti.

Interesting Activities You Can Do
Well, while enjoying the natural beauty on Tegal Wangi Beach, you can do various interesting activities. Like swimming, sunbathing, to enjoy the stars in the night sky that is still free from light pollution.

It will also be very good if you can enjoy this with relatives, family or partner. Interesting right?

In addition, if you don’t want to walk far to get to the beach, you can stay at a hotel located around this Tegal Wangi beach.

Here are some recommendations for lodging that you can choose from.

  • Zen Rooms Kuta Tegal Wangi – a 2-star hotel located around Tegal Wangi beach with a rental price of around Rp. 250,000 per night. This hotel is located on Jl. Ciung Wanara no. 21, Kuta Bali. For more information about this hotel, you can call 0855-7467-1004.
  • Airy Kuta Square Tegal Wangi 2 Bali – a 3-star hotel near Tegal Wangi Beach. this hotel is located at Jalan Tegal Wangi no. 2, with a rental price of Rp. 228,000 per night. To get promos or further information such as ordering and others, you can call 0804-111-2497.
  • Matahari Guest House – this accommodation is quite affordable, only by paying a rent of Rp. 137,500 per night. This hotel is located on Jalan Tegal Wangi no. 14, Kuta, Bali. For reservations and others, simply call (0361) 766-233.

Some tips that you need to pay attention to, as below:

  • Make sure you are in a fit condition to take a fairly steep and winding journey to the location.
  • Make sure you bring your equipment before leaving for the location because there are not many facilities that you can use there.
  • Still maintain good etiquette, because this beach is very sacred and so sacred by residents. This is so that you still respect their area.
  • Don’t forget to bring your favorite camera, okay?

Those are interesting things that will be a pity if you miss out on Tegal Wangi Beach. As long as this beach is not crowded with visitors, take your time to enjoy the natural beauty of this beach.

This will also help you to refresh for a moment from the crowds in the city and have more time for yourself – especially to enjoy time with relatives, family or partner.

Hopefully, this article is useful and have a nice holiday.