The Beauty of Campuhan Ubud Bali Hill is a must-visit

Maybe some tourists are not too familiar with this mixed hill. This place is one of the tourist attractions in Bali, with beautiful natural attractions; featuring an expanse of green hills, valleys, and meadows. Very different when compared to other tourist attractions in Bali that feature views of the sea to tours with rare animals.

Campuhan Ubud Bali Hill, Indonesia

Campuhan Hill is inseparable from one of the temples in Ubud, namely Gunung Lebah Temple. Mount Bee itself means a small hill in a valley. In addition, Campuhan Hill is located between two rivers in Ubud Bali, namely the Oos river and the Cerik river. Well, that is one of the reasons Campuhan Hill is so popular with tourists.

What’s the reason, I’m curious? Read more.

Address and Road Route to Campuhan Hill
Before visiting Campuhan Hill, it’s a good idea to know in advance the address where Campuhan Hill is located. This campuhan hill is located on Bangkiang Sidem Street, Kelusa, Payangan, Ubud, Gianyar Regency, Bali 80571.

To get to Campuhan Hill, you can depart from downtown Kuta Bali which will take a 1-hour drive. By heading west, you will find a hotel in Ubud called the Ibas hotel before the Campuhan river bridge. After that, turn left onto a slightly downhill road to get to the Campuhan Hill location.

You can use a private vehicle, or by using a vehicle rental service. And the most interesting thing is that you can go to Campuhan Hill while cycling. And the tariff charged is quite affordable, you only need to pay Rp. 15,000 per day, and you can use the bike as much as you want.

Entrance Ticket Prices And Operating Hours
The most interesting thing is, to be able to enter Campuhan Hill you will not be charged anything or free. You only need to pay the lodging fee or maybe the cost when eating at a restaurant around Campuhan Hill.

And also Campuhan Hill is open 24 hours a day, so you can visit anytime when your day is free. Interesting right?

Then, what are we going to do at Campuhan Hill? here is the explanation,

Interesting activities at Campuhan Hill
Don’t worry, even though there is no charge, you can enjoy this Campuhan Hill to your heart’s content. In addition, you can perform any activity, including the activities below.

Jogging And Trekking
You can be jogging or trek while enjoying the green natural scenery on Campuhan Hill. This will be suitable for you to test your adrenaline in the open with challenging road contours.

The routes that you can take are also well available, with quite good road conditions and a length of about 2 kilometers.

Campuhan Ridge Walk
One of the famous trekking routes here is the Campuhan Ridge Walk. This route is famous for its natural beauty and thick Balinese atmosphere.

No wonder the photos at Campuhan Ridge Walk are scattered everywhere, both abroad and in our own country. Just the face, it’s very instagrammable!

Although not mentioned, you can do whatever activities you want in the open on this green hill. You can paint, dance or whatever can fill your day off.

Campuhan Hill Attraction
What makes this place so popular? In addition to the free price, you can enjoy the attraction that Campuhan hill has. This Campuhan Hill was once one of the songs by the Slank band entitled ‘Tepi Campuhan’ which describes the beauty of this hill. You will see green scenery on the hill, shady trees, valleys, rice fields, and weed fields. Interesting, right?

You can do various activities in this green nature to restore your energy. This place is also the best choice for those of you who want to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city in Bali.

In addition, Campuhan Hill is very popular because it is located in the Gunung Lebah Temple area. The area is sacred and very sacred by the Hindu community in Bali.

Hotels/Inns Around Campuhan Hill Ubud
For those of you who don’t want to walk far to get to Campuhan Hill, you can choose to stay around this Campuhan hill. Well, here are some recommendations for lodging that you can choose.

  • Argasoka Bungalows – this accommodation is in the same class as a 2-star hotel in Ubud Bali. This inn is located on Jalan Wanara Wana, Ubud, Gianyar Regency, Bali. This hotel installs rental prices starting from Rp. 370,000 per night. For ordering info, you can call (0361) 970912.
  • Friendly House Bali – this is a highly recommended guest house in Bali. With a rental price of Rp. 260,000 per night. To find Friendly House Bali, this place is on Jalan Cok Rai Pudak, Peliatan, Gianyar, Bali.
  • Made Arsa Homestay – this hotel is the most visited hotel by tourists who want to visit Campuhan Hill. This hotel is located on Jalan Cok Gede Rai, Central Banjar, Peliatan, Ubud, Gianyar Regency, Bali. Rental prices at this hotel range from Rp. 210,000 per night. For booking information, you can visit the official website of this hotel, yes.

Well, besides that, there are some tips for visiting Campuhan Hill that you need to pay attention to. As follows.

  • Bring food and drinks – this is to stock up when you have trouble finding small stalls around Campuhan Hill. Because the location is quite far.
  • The best time to visit Campuhan Hill – the best time is when you want to enjoy the sunset or sunrise. You can see the scenery without any obstruction. You can do this while jogging or trekking. How? Interested, right?
  • Respect the sacred area of ​​the temple – to respect this sacred area, you need to pay attention to your ethics or behavior that can offend the local community. Do not smoke or use drugs, and you need to maintain the cleanliness of this mixed hill area as a form of respect after activities. Visitors who violate will be subject to sanctions in the form of pagaskara danda or ceremonies, arta danda, or fines and will be subject to Jiwa Danda.
  • Bring your favorite camera – this is certainly something that should not be forgotten to capture some of your precious moments. However, keep an eye on what things you can capture.

Those are some important things you can know. Well, after knowing what interesting things are in Campuhan Hill, of course, you want to visit that location right away, right? Before visiting, don’t forget to pay attention to the things above so that your vacation is more enjoyable.

This place is also very suitable for visits with family, relatives or partners to enjoy the open landscape both on holidays and on weekends. Keep your manners, okay?

Hopefully, this article is useful, and enjoy your holiday.