Bali Safari And Marine Park, Getting to Know Wildlife While Traveling

Ever heard of Bali Safari and Marine Park? Yes, from the name alone you will know that this is a safari park in Bali. Not only that, the Bali Safari and Marine Park is one of some tourist attractions in Bali that are in great demand by tourists.

Bali Safari And Marine Park, Bali Indonesia

Bali safari and the marine park is a place for wild animals in their natural habitat and combined with Balinese culture and is very suitable for visitors of all ages.

This safari park is also home to rare animals from the continents of Asia and Africa, you know. You will see more than 60 species and 400 rare animals in this Bali Safari Marine Park.

If you are interested in visiting the Bali Safari and Marine Park, then you need to pay attention to several things as below.

Location & Route To Bali Safari And Marine Park
To visit the Bali Safari Marine Park, of course, you must first know the location of the Bali Safari and Marine Park. Bali safari marine park is built on land with an area of ​​40 hectares. This safari park is located between 3 villages in Gianyar Regency, namely more village, serongga village, and medahan village. If you depart from Ngurah Rai Airport, you will cover a distance of about 17 km to the east or 1 hour via the Prof Ida Bagus Mantra By-Pass.

You will take about 36 minutes from Denpasar city by motorbike. And will take a 45-minute drive from Kuta. To make your trip easier, you can use maps or use public transportation. In Bali, there are also places to rent motorized vehicles and four-wheeled vehicles that you can use. In addition, you will enjoy various things at the Bali Safari and Marine Park.

Fun Facilities and Activities

You will enjoy many things at the Bali Safari Marine Park, not just seeing wildlife, but you will get very good service. You will also see various types of shows that are displayed by various animals in it. Like various attractions with elephants.

Inside there is also a play area for children to a water park. Here are some interesting facilities that are a pity to miss when you visit Bali Safari and Marine Park.

  1. The Jungle Hopper
    The Jungle Hopper is a flagship program provided by Bali Safari And Marine Park. This is because this place offers a sensation of adventure that will stimulate adrenaline, you will also see up close various wild animals and animals that are almost extinct.

If you choose this package, you will see various areas that are thick with Balinese culture, see aquariums and watch various attractions performed by various animals. You can also enjoy the waterpark inside, and enjoy a cup of tea at Afternoon Tea at Uma Restaurant. To enjoy this package, you will be charged Rp. 720,000 per person.

  1. Elephant Back Safari Package
    This package will take you across the Bali Safari Marine Park with an African feel while riding on an elephant. You will find rare animals such as Wildebeests, Zebras, and rhinos. You will also be guided directly by the Bali Safari Marine Park pawing who has been trained, of course. To enjoy this package, you will enjoy various facilities such as souvenirs, a welcome drink, an elephant ride for 30 minutes, an animal show, and of course you will be charged Rp. 250,000 per person.

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  1. Night Safari Package
    In this package, you will enjoy the Bali Safari Marine Park at night which is fun. You will have an adventure at night and will be allowed to feed livestock directly.

You will also enjoy a bonfire, and BBQ dinner, and will meet various natural animals at night. You will also be presented with an amazing African rhythm of the fire show. To enjoy this package, you will pay Rp. 990,000 per person.

  1. Breakfast With The Lion
    This package will make you enjoy breakfast with the lions nearby. You can only have breakfast at Tsavo Lion to be near the lions.

To enjoy this package, it is enough to pay Rp. 675,000 per person.

  1. Supreme Show
    At the Agung show, you will see various Balinese art and cultural performances at the Bali theater with 150 professional dancers, musicians, and shadow puppet artists collaborating with animals at the Bali safari marine park.

The price for this show is Rp. 720,000 per person.

  1. 4×4 Safari
    In addition, you can choose a 4×4 safari package, by watching educational animal shows. You can enjoy a delicious lunch and take pictures directly with rare and cute animals, there are approximately 100 animals that will accompany you in this package. You just pay around 1,827,000 per person.

In addition to the packages above, you can also buy souvenirs typical of Bali safari marine park at the various souvenir shops provided. For kids too provided playgrounds such as a clumbing car, go bouncer with a rental price of Rp. 10,000 or ride camel rides and feed and take pictures with animals.

Entrance Ticket Prices and Operating Hours
Before entering, you will also be charged an entrance ticket with various categories. The category of adults over 12 years will pay Rp. 150,000, for the category of children aged 3-12 years will be charged Rp. 135,000 per person, and for the category of children under 3 years there will be no charge.

  • Bali Safari Marine Park starts to open at 09.00 – 17.00 WIB every day. You can enjoy your long holiday in peace.
  • Lodging You Can Enjoy

This inn is quite close to the location of the Bali safari marine park. This will make it easier for you not to walk too far to get to this safari park. This place is named Mara River safari lodge. Here you will enjoy the swala deluxe room, twiga suite room, kifaru family room, or choose the Tembo family room. This place is also equipped with a typical African atmosphere, there is free wi-fi, a swimming pool to relax, breakfast, and free parking and laundry services. You only need to pay 2,641,000 per night. However, you can also enjoy promos and discount prices on certain days.

Tips for vacationing at Bali Safari Marine Park
The animals found in the Bali Safari Marine Park come from Indonesia, and several neighboring countries such as India, Africa, and Southeast Asia. You can capture various animals with your favorite camera.

You will see white starlings, owls, Himalayan bears, leopards, spotted deer, and various other rare and wild animals.

However, you are not allowed to bring food and drinks from outside the safari park except for babies.

You can also enjoy a cheap entry ticket package if it includes a minimum of 20 people using the group package.

Those are some interesting things at Bali Safari and Marine Park that you can enjoy with your wild and rare wildlife.

Don’t forget to bring your camera and enjoy the holidays.