Visit the Charming Village of Penglipuran in Bali

Most tourist attractions, especially those located in Bali, are temples, beaches, or playgrounds. However, it turns out that besides that there is also a village that can be used as a tourist attraction, namely Penglipuran Village. This village stole the attention of tourists in various locations and circles.

Penglipuran Village, Bali

This is because Penglipuran Village which is also known as Traditional Balinese Village displays the exoticism of complete Balinese culture such as buildings, crafts to Balinese specialties. In short, this village is a village where everything contains elements of Balinese culture.

This village also has a population that mostly comes from Buyung Gede Village, Kintamani District, Bangli Regency, and Bali. Not only that, because it is thick with Balinese culture, Penglipuran Village is often used as a location for filming FTV.

Maybe you who often watch some FTV with a Balinese background, then they use Penglipuran Village as well as introduce Balinese culture. Let’s take a peek at the interesting things found in Penglipuran Village which are a favorite of the local community.

The Origin of Penglipuran Village’s Name

This is an interesting thing to explore about Penglipuran Village. What attracts local tourists to do various activities in Penglipuran Village? Before that, you must first know about Penglipuran Village. Penglipuran is derived from the words ‘Pangeling’ and ‘Pura’ which means a place for a reminder of the temple in the big pitcher and its ancestors.

In addition, it also comes from the words ‘consolation’ and ‘Lara’ which means this village is used as a place to entertain yourself when you are sad. Already interested in the name?

Penglipuran is also derived from the words ‘pangleng’ and ‘Pura’ which means a place surrounded by temples in the four cardinal directions.

Penglipuran Village Route and Location
For information, Penglipuran Village is located on Jalan Rambutan, Gang III A1, no. 6, Bangli, Friends, Kubu, Bangli District, Bangli Regency, Bali. This location is about 56 kilometers from Ngurah Rai Airport or about 1 hour and 40 minutes driving. If you depart from the BTCD Nusa Dua area, it will cover a distance of about 61 kilometers or 1 hour 42 minutes driving.

Did you know that Penglipuran Village is located at an altitude of about 600-700 meters above sea level? However, with its position – you can see directly the beauty of the sea and feel the cool air from a height. Based on the geographical side, the location of this village is quite strategic because it is on the Kintamani tourist route, 5 kilometers from Bangli and 45 kilometers from Denpasar city. This village is also surrounded by bamboo forest with an area of ​​about 37 hectares, fields with an area of ​​49 hectares, and houses of residents. This location is strategic enough to take a walk even around Penglipuran Village.

Well, after knowing the exact location of Penglipuran Village, you can also find out the best and fastest route to get to Penglipuran Village. You can find it by using a map or Waze. In addition, you can use the services of a driver or car rental without a driver who can take you to Penglipuran Village. Don’t forget to ask the local people so you don’t get lost.

Ticket Prices and Opening Hours of Penglipuran Village
Don’t get me wrong, this village also has an entrance ticket. So before visiting, prepare a sufficient budget. However, there is no need to worry, because the cost is quite affordable. Enough to pay Rp. 15,000 per person for the Adult category for local tourists. Local tourists categorized as children will be charged Rp. 10,000 per person.

Not only that but foreign tourists are also charged a different fee. In the adult category, a fee of Rp. 30,000 per person and children Rp. 25,000 per person.

How, quite affordable, right? With that ticket price, you can enjoy the beauty of Penglipuran Village to your heart’s content. And the most important thing is that this Penglipuran Village tourist attraction is open every day from 08.00-17.00 With.

If you go using a private vehicle, the first facility that you can use is a parking lot. You will be charged Rp. 5,000 for four-wheeled vehicles and Rp. 2,000 for a motorbike, but this price is subject to change at any time.

In addition, you can use an adventure tour package in Penglipuran Bangli Village, Bali. Some of these tour packages will benefit you and make you enjoy your visit to Penglipuran Village more.

Adventure Tour Packages Bali Cycling Penglipuran Village – This package will take you around by bicycle to enjoy the natural beauty and diverse culture of Bali. Enough to pay Rp. 490,000 per 2 people.
Adventure Tour Packages Bali Camping Penglipuran Village – if you choose this package, then you will enjoy the beauty of nature at night in the open air. Enough with the price of Rp. 420,000 for 2 people.

In addition to tour packages, you can also use accommodations located nearby Penglipuran Village.

Come on, take a look at some interesting accommodations that you can use to rest.

Penglipuran Village Guest House – Uniquely, this inn is very traditional made of woven bamboo with the inside in a modern minimalist design. The rental price for this place is Rp. 500,000 per night.
Homestay in Penglipuran Village – this homestay has a Balinese nuance, which is located in the middle of a residential area with common facilities. The rental price is Rp. 375,000 per night. It a quite affordable right? So you can walk around while chatting with residents.

Attraction and Uniqueness
Don’t worry, because this village is full of the charms of Penglipuran village and its uniqueness that will make you feel more at home. One of the attractions is that this village is unique in Bali.

Why so? Because this village has never been touched by the outside world. In other words, its culture is very thick. Starting from the shape of the building, to the interior. In addition, you can see a variety of interesting things, as below.

  1. Local Cultural Wisdom
    This village is divided into 3 areas, namely the residential zone, the bamboo forest area, and the burial area. This village is inhabited by about 226,000 people. With an area of ​​about 110 hectares including 40 hectares of bamboo forest area.

And uniquely, the head of the family in this village is prohibited from having more than 1 wife, if you violate it, you will get a punishment such as being ostracized by residents. And there will be penalties for those who try to steal.

  1. The Natural Beauty of the Island of the Gods
    This village is known for being about 700 meters above sea level. In this way, you will enjoy the fresh air, the beauty of the sea, and the natural beauty that you can feel in the bamboo forest area. You will certainly feel at home.
  2. Culinary Tour
    This is the one that is never released in various tourist attractions. There are various kinds of recommendations that you can use as a reference. There is also a wide variety of local specialties for sale.

Loloh cemcem – herbal medicine with 6 flavors, namely sweet, sour, spicy to bitter. The price starts from Rp. 5,000 per bottle.
Cassava Donuts – donuts made from cassava. Sold for Rp. 5,000 per box containing 3 pcs.
Tipat Catok – modified ketoprak using Balinese mentik nuts. The price is Rp. 5,000 per serving.
Sueg – a local favorite specialty food. This dish is made from tubers that must first die on the tree.

How? Interesting right? Those are some interesting things you can know about Penglipuran Village. The rest you can feel directly, yes.

Don’t forget your favorite camera. And also visit the official website for more detailed information. Happy holiday!