The Charm of Melasti Beach You Can’t Miss

Well, this time we will discuss Melasti Beach. This melasti beach is no less beautiful than some beaches in Bali. One of these attractions you must visit during summer vacation. Although still relatively new, this beach is almost the same as Pandawa Beach.

Melasti Beach, Bali

In addition, Melasti beach is also often used as a place to perform Melasti ceremonies on certain days such as Nyepi. Although still in the development stage, Melasti Beach has attracted many tourists who come to Bali – visiting this beach. You should go there too, yes. Previously, simal used to be like what Melasti Beach was like.

This is the most important thing so that you know the location of Melasti Beach. To make sure you don’t get lost during the trip.

Melasti Beach is located in Ungasan Village, South Kuta District, Badung Regency, Bali. Precisely located on the peninsula of Ungasan hill. This is also what makes this beach known as Melasti Ungasan beach. To get to Melasti Beach, you will have to cover a distance of approximately 9 kilometers or the same as 25 minutes of travel time – if you depart from the direction of Kuta.

Take it easy, because currently access to Melasti Beach has been well laid out. You will cross a fairly high ravine about 100-500 meters. For vehicles, you can choose to use public transportation or rent a car or motorbike.

If you depart from Ngurah Rai airport, then you can choose one of the routes via Jalan Goa gong which is about 18 km or 39 minutes away, or you can take Jalan Dharmawangsa which takes 43 minutes or 23 kilometers.

Meanwhile, if you depart from Denpasar city – then you will cover a distance of about 58 minutes driving 26 kilometers. Or you can depart from Jimbaran with a distance of approximately 15 minutes. To be able to see traffic, you can use the maps application to guide your journey.

Entrance fee to Melasti Beach
You also have to know to be able to enter Melasti Beach, so you don’t have to pay or it’s free. In addition, you also will not be charged a parking fee, you know.

However, you should keep looking for information about Melasti Beach, because this can change at any time. You can leave now, while Melasti Beach is still free.

Facilities at Melasti Beach
Although Melasti Beach does not set a price, this is because Melasti Beach is still under construction. So, there won’t be many facilities that you can use, so you should prepare food and drinks before leaving for Melasti Beach.

However, you can use facilities in the form of lodging that you can use around Melasti Beach. Here are some recommendations for lodging that are quite cheap.

Kuta Hill Guest House

Kuta Hill Guest House is located on Jalan Raya Uluwatu, Ungasan, South Kuta, Badung Regency, Bali. This inn fixes the rental price below 200 thousand. For ordering info, you can directly call 0361 9221212.

Airy Jimbaran Songnipi 8 Bali

This inn also fixes the rental price below 200 thousand. Located on Jl. Songnipi no 8, Ungasan, South Kuta, Bali. For direct orders, you can call 0804-111-2479.

The Hill Ungasan

This inn is an inn with a rental price of under 200 thousand. For the location, The Hill Ungasan is on Jl. Raya Uluwatu, Ungasan, South Kuta, Bali. You can visit the Agoda website to view booking information.

The Attractions of Melasti Beach
Like other tourist attractions in Bali, Melasti Beach also has an attraction – although it is still in the development stage. Melasti Beach is also no less beautiful.

Here are some attractions at Melasti Beach that you need to know.

  1. Beautiful Tourist Places in South Kuta

Because Melasti Beach is located in the South Kuta area, although this beach is still under construction – its beauty does not subside for visitors who come to enjoy it. With a stretch of white sand and blue sea, it is the right combination to enjoy the atmosphere of the beach at sunrise. Accompanied by beautiful stone ornaments, it will be suitable to help you in devoting this moment to the camera.

  1. Hidden Beach in South Kuta

Why is that? Because apart from being still in the working stage, the location is also a bit isolated behind a towering limestone hill. So you need to walk a little closer to see Melasti Beach below.

  1. Unique natural attractions

What makes this place unique is that when you enter Melasti Beach, you will pass through the contours of the road that descends and winds above the limestone cliffs. This will get your adrenaline pumping. However, don’t worry, even though the contours of the streets are slightly winding, these roads have been paved so it will be easier for you to visit by car or bus.

  1. Served as a beautiful pre-wedding place

With white sand and blue sea that form a beautiful harmony, it will be suitable as a background for a photoshoot. Especially when you do pre-wedding. And also the unique limestone cliffs that support them will beautify your pre-wedding photos later.

In addition to the attraction, you can also do various interesting activities. So even though it’s still in the development stage, it won’t stop you from playing at Melasti Beach.

Fun Activities at Melasti Beach
This activity will fill your vacation time at Melasti Beach, although there are not many facilities available, you can still play as much as you want for free. Here are some activities at Melasti Beach that you can try.

Enjoy the natural charm of South Kuta Beach

With a location that is in direct contact with nature, as well as sunlight during the day. This will make you enjoy the hidden charm of Melasti Beach. Accompanied by the sound of waves and fine white sand, isn’t this interesting?

Well, besides enjoying the atmosphere, you can swim at Melasti Beach while relaxing. You don’t need to worry, because the waves at Melasti Beach are not too big and are suitable for swimming.


Even though the waves are within normal limits, they will not hinder you who like snorkeling. You can bring your equipment from home and play to your heart’s content at Melasti Beach for free.

Well, besides being able to enjoy the beach atmosphere during the day, you can enjoy the sunset directly on the shores of Melasti Beach without any obstacles. Because the location is still in the development stage, it cannot be categorized as crowded for the size of a tourist attraction.

Well, those are some interesting things that Melasti Beach has. Don’t forget to bring supplies, OK? And also bring your favorite camera, enjoy your holiday in Bali.