The Best Tourism in Buenos Aires

The Province of Buenos Aires, one of the richest in Argentina, contains very different landscapes, such as the countryside, the mountains, the large cities, the lagoons, the Paraná delta, and, of course, the entire range of beaches stretching along the Atlantic coast. It is ideal for tourism.

Buenos Aires, Argentine

Cities such as La Plata, Mar del Plata, Tres Arroyos, Azul, Trenque Lauquen, Luján, Belén de Escobar or the southern Bahía Blanca, all have the attractions common to large cities, and their own small spaces that distinguish them.

In the mountain region, the Ventania and Tandilia systems are home to beautiful towns that attract visitors at any time of the year. Sierra de la Ventana, Villa Ventana, Tornquist, Saldungaray, Tandil, Balcarce or Sierra de los Padres enjoy this privileged geography and microclimate.

As for the countryside, the province of Buenos Aires has the typical characteristics of what is called “Argentine countryside”, where, in addition to agricultural plantations, cattle can be seen, the origin of the famous “Argentine roast”. Among the cities in this area, some have long opened their doors to tourism: San Antonio de Areco and Mercedes are just two of the best known.

For those who prefer to harmonize a picnic with the proximity of the water, the ideal is to visit the region of the lagoons. Close to the Federal Capital, the chains of Chascomús, San Miguel del Monte, Lobos or Navarro are the ones that attract tourists in all seasons, either to dedicate themselves to fishing for pejerrey in winter or to practice water sports with the arrival of the heat.

The Paraná Delta is another region that attracts many visitors. It is accessed from the city of Tigre, where the river station is located which allows us to enter an endless world of islands, rivers, and small streams where man has installed his houses and learned to live in harmony with nature.

The beach region, which stretches from the city of San Clemente del Tuyú to Carmen de Patagones and includes, among many others, the famous Pinamar, Villa Gesell, and Mar del Plata, is the perfect destination for millions of visitors every summer. Clean sands, fresh water, and lots of people are an unmissable trio that is repeated in each of the towns that overlook the Atlantic Ocean.

For all this, the province of Buenos Aires is one of the preferred destinations when undertaking a trip.