The Beauty of The Iguazú Falls

The Lower Walk is a walk closer to the waterfalls, more direct in terms of sensations, along walkways that enchant with a soft balsamic dew.

The beauty of the Iguazú Falls

The Iguazú River runs through most of the Brazilian state of Paraná, with little volume and serene, until it reaches the waterfalls where it becomes boxed in and furious. The Iguazú Falls that originate in the jumps are located mostly in Argentine territory.

lower promenade
To start the Lower Walk, the Green Path begins at the park’s Access Portal and runs under the shadows of the jungle to the starting point of the ecological train, the Central Station. The option is to take the little train or continue walking along the path and immerse yourself even more in the jungle to observe the animals, such as the coatis, mischievous animals if there are any until you reach the next station, from where the circuits depart through the walkways. It is quite an adventure to walk among these animals, which stay very close to humans to eat. It is best to avoid the temptation to feed them and respect wildlife, as well as save yourself a bad move from these trusting critters.

The spray of water is a constant image on the ride. In the lower circuit, this detail falls wonderfully on hot days, like a natural refreshment; the experience blends with the jungle and the incredible sensations of being immersed in immense biodiversity. The contact is closed and the spell inevitably comes before such a palpable and evident presence. When you reach the level of the river, you can cross by boat to San Martín Island, where the joke, a species of black vulture, lives. On the island, one more effort to climb 190 steps provides all the splendor of the Iguazú Falls.
The jumps and waterfalls have their different and unique magic, closer to direct contact from the Lower Walk through its 1400 m length.

Macuco Trail
The wildest and most bucolic walk is the Sendero Macuco. A dirt road starts from the Central Station and crosses 3,500 m of the captivating jungle until reaching the Arrechea waterfall. The caí monkey lives in that piece of jungle. It is a restless and curious animal, adapted to the treetops. It is also known as the capuchin monkey. It is quite common to see them in groups at the top of the branches while walking the Macuco Trail.

Macuco is also the name of a bird, similar to the partridge, that inhabits the humid missionary forests; a bird in danger of extinction due to the advances of deforestation. It is a simple walk, demarcated with several observation stations, and ends at the waterfall of the Arrechea stream, which flows into a natural pool; ideal to do it in the early hours of the morning and discover the full fauna.

There are many ways to experience Iguazú Falls. It is such an extensive walk that it is better to do it in two days. At the end of the first day, they must go to the park access ticket offices and revalidate the ticket to obtain a 50% discount for the second day.