The Nautical Safari to Perito Moreno

One of the most traditional excursions to get to know the Perito Moreno Glacier consists of sailing using a catamaran to its highest walls and stopping to appreciate it in its fullness.

Perito Moreno Glacier, Argentine

One of the most traditional excursions to get to know the Perito Moreno Glacier, in addition to walking along its walkways (today completely renovated), is to get on a catamaran and slowly approach the waters of Lake Argentino to the large ice walls.

There, in addition to observing it from very close, it is possible to listen to the movements generated by the glacier, which generally culminate in some breaking or falling of both ice blocks and large walls.

This excursion is popularly known as the nautical safari and allows you to appreciate the great white mass and all its cracks and peaks with their colors, safely observing some noisy ruptures.

The Hielo y Aventura company carries out this excursion every day and at various times, navigating what is technically known as the Rico branch of Lake Argentino.

You just have to go to the Bajo las Sombras bay, the boarding point for the nautical safari and other excursions that depart from there. Among these, the trekking to the glacier that allows you to wear crampons to walk on Perito Moreno himself stands out, a truly unforgettable episode.

But the catamaran is also an adventure in itself. As it passes, slowly but steadily, you can see the icebergs that, when they break away from the glacier, float adrift through Lake Argentino and are the ones chosen by the cameras when it comes to taking a souvenir of this excursion.

The catamaran also gets as close as possible to the point where the glacier meets the mainland and where the famous ice bridge begins to be built, which, from time to time, falls and gives rise to what is known worldwide as “ the rupture”. In reality, there is no such rupture, the glacier always has ruptured.

When we approached the Canal de Los Témpanos, the ship positioned itself in front of the glacier and began to traverse it and leave the passengers who are doing the mini trekking to the coast where the walkways can be seen.

While this was happening, most of the visitors were on deck trying to capture part of this whole spectacle, whose main actor is nature itself, with their video and photographic cameras. Silence and expectation won the game. No one wanted to miss out on a big break and the truth is that this excursion allows you to capture wonderful scenes.

Suitable for the whole family, the nautical safari is ideal to get up close to one of the most beautiful places on our planet: the Perito Moreno glacier.