Laguna Nimez Bird Reserve in Argentine

A tour of the wonderful Laguna Nimez reserve, full of flora and fauna that deserves worship

Laguna Nimez Bird Reserve, Argentine

As soon as the day had begun, and after having breakfast at the hotel, we set off towards the Laguna Nimez bird reserve, just one kilometer from the center of El Calafate and very close to Lake Argentino. We had been recommended to visit the place at dawn and enjoy the awakening of nature.

At the entrance, we met the bird guides and a herbarium that specified the different species that we were going to cross during the tour. We circulate slowly and with several stops to be able to appreciate the natural wonders of this reserve. At certain points, we found indicative signs that helped us understand and learn more about the landscape that surrounded us.

As we advanced, we stopped at several panoramic points that allowed us to see how different aquatic species feed, where they nest, and the thickets and rushes where they perch.

The birds of the place blend perfectly with the immense variety of flora that lives in the reserve. As the rangers had indicated, we observed these wonderful creatures keeping a safe distance so as not to disturb their ecosystem. However, like good hostesses, these colorful and magnificent birds opened their wings to greet us when they saw us pass as if they were celebrating our arrival.

We were able to see cauquenes, silvery macaes, numerous groups of flamingos, black-necked swans, bandurrias, lapwings, ducks, coots, hawks, and chimangos posing on the reeds, beyond the other 70 species that we were told live in the reserve.

In the afternoon we stopped for a snack. The landscape and the harmonious song of the birds generated a spectacular climate, almost dreamlike. At the end of the tour, we walked about 500 meters and we found the great Argentino Lake and Redonda Bay.

The rangers of this approximately 2,500-meter-long reserve, proud of their paradise, invited us to return in winter to visit the most beautiful natural ice-skating rink.

We would definitely go back. There were still too many things to discover in that reserve that hides treasures in every corner.