Lago Roca, Landscapes That Make You Fall in Love

We spent a full day on the shores of Lake Roca enjoying a beautiful horseback ride that took us to see the most beautiful Andean landscapes.

Lago Roca, Argentine

We packed our things the night before and very early, before dawn, we left for Roca Lake.

We had been told that the place was ideal for fishing. We arrived when the last drops of dew were falling, and there were already several groups of fishermen, families camping, and also lonely people looking to relax.

Intending to fish something, we spent a couple of hours on the shore of the lake, but it was not our lucky day. Another day we will return, says the saying of the fisherman. After drinking some mate, we went for a walk until we reached Cerro Cristal.

The view is amazing, we took the opportunity to take a few pictures. Then we went to where the horse reservations are made. We arrived just as a group was about to leave. We got on the majestic animals and began to march.

We slowly ascended the slope of the Cordón de Los Cristales, which allowed us to appreciate the typical vegetation of the region. We ford streams and cross vegas, always in the company of the imposing Perito Moreno glacier.

We continued advancing and little by little we entered the Magellanic forest. We were surrounded by huge bushes and formations of lengas, ñires, coihues, and notros, which temper the characteristic winds of the region.

Leaving the forest we made a stop to rest and admire the beauty of the landscape that surrounded us. The setting generated by the crystalline mirrors of water and the imposing mountain range makes this place a true paradise.

We returned to the march and stepping at noon we arrived at the Roca campsite. “More fair, impossible”, we all thought when we saw the table prepared to enjoy a delicious Creole lunch.

After a long table in which we chatted, shared experiences, and enjoyed the tranquility of the place, we got back on the horses to start the return.

We return along the lake. The horses, the calm, the singing of the birds, and the wonderful view created an ideal climate. As we advanced we were able to observe a great variety of native and exotic birds, trying to make as little noise as possible so as not to disturb them.

We arrived at the ranch and left the horses. The guides invited us inside to share some delicious mates with fried cakes.

Before leaving, we returned to the shore of the lake to admire it. There were still several fishermen with their rods and families having a picnic. We look at the landscape to record it in our memory and say goodbye until the next visit.