La Capri, A Magical Lagoon in Argentina

Getting to it does not require a great effort, you just have to put on your shoes properly, take your trekking poles and start walking. The goal is well worth it.

La Capri, Argentine

It is without a doubt the best trek to realize if we are in physical condition during our stay in El Chaltén.

At the end of the town, a signpost invites us to begin the ascent to Laguna de Los Tres, which is the closest point that can be reached to climb the famous Mount Fitz Roy.

From the signpost, there is also a sign that indicates the way to the Capri lagoon, which also gives its name to the first camp where it is possible to spend the night looking at most of these beautiful cords that enhance the area.

From the beginning of the walk, it is not more than two hours that separate the Capri lagoon from El Chaltén, but the landscape and the path become so interesting that we had the feeling that it was a much longer trek.

The path has a small degree of difficulty during the first half-hour of walking since you have to climb quite a bit. We realized that we were gaining height as we went.

Thus, we were able to observe not only the smallness of El Chaltén but also all the cardinal points that surround it. On one side, mountains; on the other side, a valley that officiates at the entrance; and next to it, the famous and light-blue river of Las Vueltas, which winds its way until it becomes parallel to the town.

After walking for a long time, the path began to narrow and truly enter the forest, where we could see all kinds of species, among which the lengas stood out.

At times, the clearings of vegetation allowed us to see different mountains and peaks, as well as some small streams and water mirrors that we managed to cross using small bridges.

Walking and walking, some signposts warned us that there was less and less to go, something that was ratified every time we came across some other walker who, in the opposite direction, made us gestures that our arrival was imminent.

The presence of a woodpecker and its unique sound managed to divert us for a moment from the path and from our discipline to appreciate this worthy gift of nature. We were protagonists of an almost magical moment, especially when the bird noticed our presence and continued doing its thing, confident that this time the presence of the man would not cause any harm.

Almost without realizing it, the path entered a thicket of trees and branches. We began to distinguish, of different colors, some igloo tents that revealed the presence of the sought-after lagoon.

We had arrived at the famous Capri, whose waters are beautiful and whose shore invited us to sit down and rest. In the background, the incomparable silhouette of the famous Fitz Roy tempted us to continue our journey, but it was not our idea.

On one side of the campsite, there is a natural viewpoint of the lagoon, ideal for stopping to eat some of the food that the hotel prepared for us when we announced the trekking that we would do.

Ideal to organize different trekking circuits from there, the Capri lagoon is truly a paradise. Its calm and blue waters and the decoration provided by the neighboring mountains make it one of the easiest and ideal circuits to start walking along the different paths of El Chaltén.