Cruise to The Glaciers with Santa Cruz

We sail on a luxury catamaran to discover the ancient ice along with the comfort that demanding passengers expect.

Los Glaciers National Park, Argentine

Los Glaciares National Park is one of the most appreciated natural monuments in the world. The Santa Cruz cruise offers an excellent way to get up close and admire them from an exclusive point of view.

Installed in the city of El Calafate, we agreed to embark on those fascinating ice formations. It would be three days of navigation during which we would be so close to the icy walls that we would almost touch them with our hands.

Finally, on the scheduled afternoon, we took the company bus to the port of La Soledad, in the area of ​​Punta Bandera del Lago Argentino, to embark. Once on the Santa Cruz, we toured the interior of the ship to get in touch with its facilities and with those who would be our adventure companions.

The most awaited moment

We set sail! Slowly we glided silently towards the goal. Abandoned to the passing of the hours, the afternoon showed its intense reddish tones. We were invited into the dining room. We admired the sunset through the wide windows while enjoying dinner.

The calm waters of the Puesto de las Vacas allowed us to rest well to start the second day in good spirits. After a delicious breakfast, we went out on deck to bask in the crisp morning air, then descended for a hike up the verdant slope of a hill to a vantage point with a panoramic view of the Spegazzini Glacier.

Back on board, and to approach the Spegazzini, the ship dodged some small icebergs and suddenly we had before us all the splendor of that river of ice that seems to fall abruptly into the lake. We were amazed by the incredible shades of blue and the height, which on some peaks is over a hundred meters. The vegetation seemed antagonistic to the white frame offered by the glacier. Facing this geographical phenomenon of strong magnetism, they offered us lunch: a splendid menu.

The lake crossing continued towards the Upsala glacier through the arm of the same name. Between floes and majestic icebergs, we cross the waters enjoying their strange shapes and infinite tones.

At night we arrive at Toro Bay on the Mayo Channel. We dined leisurely, then gathered in the bar and other lounges to chat with our hosts and the other passengers. Relaxed, we showed our photos and compared them with those of others while we had a drink and reminisced about the day that had passed. Before going to bed, we took a look at the sky whose stars were bright against the dark background.

The next day, we woke up when the cruise ship was already sailing. As soon as we have breakfast, we disembark to enter the National Park and enjoy its Andean forest. We made a beautiful walk to reach the front of the Mayo and Negro glaciers, and to a refuge used by many expeditions who left their mark. In that immensity, only this ship reaches that small point on the map to appreciate these icy beauties.

Later, the Leal’s nautical chart indicated that we should enter the Canal de Los Témpanos, a preview of the most important part of the tour: the Perito Moreno glacier. With its almost three kilometers of frontage and its constant landslides, it takes anyone’s breath away. One gets excited before that white mass and the sound of the falling blocks; we appreciated being there at that time while having lunch.

As the expedition to the glaciers drew to a close, we appreciated what we had learned about them, the warmth with which we were received, and the excellent gourmet cuisine that Santa Cruz has to offer. A privileged experience that made us honor the spirit of the glaciers.