Uluwatu Kecak Dance with Amazing Sunset View

Kecak dance is one of the traditional Balinese arts. You can watch the Uluwatu Kecak Dance performance while visiting there. This dance was created in 1930 by a Balinese dance artist, Wayan Limbach. When on vacation to Bali, you can also watch the Kecak Dance performance as entertainment which is a shame if you miss it.

Kecak Dance, Traditional dance from Bali Islands

What is unique about the Uluwatu Kecak Dance is that the performance is performed on a cliff in the Uluwatu Temple area. From the top of this Uluwatu cliff, the natural presentation of the sea looks more beautiful and charming. No wonder the Uluwatu area is never deserted by visitors.

In addition to coming to Uluwatu Temple which has a very high historical value, of course also to watch the Kecak Dance performances which are staged every day. In addition, you can see the beauty of the sunset because the performance stage is designed so that the audience can see the sunset at the same time.

This Kecak dance is played by about 50 dancers. The dancers sit in a circle while saying the word “cak-cak-cak-cak” simultaneously. The drama that was staged carried the Ramayana story. Therefore some dancers act as Rama, Sita, Ravana, Hanoman, and Sugriwa.

The spectators who watched sat in a circle with other tourists. All audiences face the dancers who will perform the Kecak Dance performance. There is a furnace in the middle of the dancers as performance equipment.

Before entering the Uluwatu Temple location, tourists will be asked to wear a scarf around their waist. If you happen to be wearing short clothes above the knee, then you should use a sarong. This is because Uluwatu Temple is a sacred location and to be respected when in a place of worship. Women who are menstruating are allowed to watch this Kecak Dance performance.

Uluwatu Kecak Dance Performance Schedule
The schedule for the Uluwatu Kecak Dance performance is every day from 18.00 – 19.00 WITA. You can get the cheapest ticket prices by contacting travel agents that provide Uluwatu Kecak Dance tour packages. Tickets for children, valid for children aged over three years. Those who are under three years old are free of charge.

Due to the large number of tourists who want to watch the Uluwatu Kecak Dance performance, it is best to arrive 1 hour earlier to choose a strategic seating position. If you don’t buy tickets from a travel agent, you can buy them in front of the stage before the show starts.

Of course, the price charged is slightly more expensive when compared to the price offered by the travel agent. Usually, travel agents will give special prices for ticket purchases for more than 20 people. Even so, this ticket is quite worth it. Mainly because the experience is indeed unforgettable.

If you want to watch the Uluwatu Kecak Dance performance, you should avoid weekends. Because tourists who come to watch the Kecak Dance show will certainly be full and crowded. You can come on Monday or Tuesday if you want to enjoy the show more with a more relaxed seating position because there are fewer spectators.

Uluwatu Kecak Dance Performance Location
You can watch the Uluwatu Kecak Dance in the Uluwatu Temple area, in Pecatu Village, Kuta District, Badung Regency, Bali.