Pancoran Solas Kintamani Place in Bali

The tradition of melukat or known as self-cleaning is already embedded in the life of Hindus in Bali. He did this when Banyu Pinaruh was after the Saraswati holiday. The only place that is crowded with visitors is Pancoran Solas Kintamani which is located in Batur, Kintamani.

Pancoran Solas Kintamani, Bali Islands

Maybe this is perfect for those of you who have a hobby for religious tourism. Because there are so many places of worship that have a natural feel that is so beautiful and beautiful. Of course, not only can it provide spiritual peace, but the mind will also be fresher because nature is so beautiful.

Pancoran Solas Kintamani

The Pancoran Solas Temple is approximately 25 minutes away from the center of Gianyar City. This is a temple and a pancoran with a total of 11. But 10 of the pancoran are used as a place for bathing. While the other shower above with a temple as water or spark after praying.

Pancoran Solas Kintamani itself is usually very crowded when it comes to holidays, during Saraswati, or before the semester exams which are filled with students who are nunas tirta.

It has become commonplace when people from outside Bangli and even outside Bali come to Pancoran Solas to melukat or clean themselves. So it is not foreign anymore.

This melukat place has been the subject of discussion by some people on social media. Because he can cure various diseases, both medical and non-medical diseases.

By Hugging Can Heal Diseases
Although this place is sacred, it is believed by residents to provide healing for some diseases. This was confirmed by Jero Mangku Danu. Then he also said for example if there are people from Jakarta who experience headaches. But they thought that the disease was sent from someone.

This is because the headaches he feels only last on certain days such as tilem, full moon, and other rahina. The man who also opens a medical practice at his home also said that a person’s healing can be obtained through two intermediaries. The two intermediaries are melukat and assistance from him which is also accompanied by melukat.

This is also evidenced by the illness suffered by someone who came from Gianyar. He said that the man had long been diagnosed by a doctor with a vein. However, it has not healed for some time even though he has gone to various hospitals for treatment. So that after coming melukat and doing massage therapy, the disease can be cured.

In addition, based on the experience of the man who is over 60 years old, he also had a chance to find pemedek from Banglai and brought his younger brother. He complains that he is afraid of being in a crowd or another term is Agoraphobia.

According to her sister’s story, her sister always sits alone in her room and this disease has even been experienced by her sister for 30 years. However, from his brother’s testimony, he had tried to visit various places in Melukat but to no avail.

Meanwhile, when he was melukat at Pancoran Solas, he had just tried the pancoran one which was in the north, his younger brother immediately looked like someone else or in a trance. Jero Mangku Danu Pancoran Solas said that most of those who received this contagious disease, who had not finished their wound at that place, always vomited.

Another sacred thing is that when the dry season comes, someone who already intends to pray at Pancoran Solas comes. However, the person said that the water in Pancoran Solas at that time tended to have a low flow rate.

However, when together with pemedek they went to the shower, then from the west side of the wall the water suddenly flowed quite fast. It was already like rain even to the point that it flooded the floor and was impassable.

That’s a glimpse of the melukat tradition in Pancoran Solas Kintamani. The sacredness of the melukat has indeed become a local tradition to cleanse itself. It is also believed to be able to heal itself from disease.