The Amazing Beauty of Komodo Island!

Who here does not know Komodo Island? The island, which is located in the Nusa Tenggara Islands, is often visited by tourists who want to see Komodo dragons and enjoy the view of the beach on Komodo Island. This island is also a part of Indonesian history because it is the original habitat of the Komodo dragon, a type of giant lizard that eats meat and is preserved by Indonesia. After all, this animal is almost extinct.

Komodo Island, NTT

In 1986, UNESCO officially designated Komodo Island and other islands that are included in the Komodo National Park area as a world heritage site because the existence of Komodo dragons can only be found in this place.

The Beautiful Natural Beauty of Komodo Island

Komodo Island is one of the tourist attractions in NTT which has natural beauty and good seawater. Here you can find Komodo dragons and witness the daily activities of these animals.

In addition, you can also visit the beach to enjoy the white sand and clear seawater of Komodo Island.

Here you can also do diving activities, Komodo Island has a variety of underwater biota and each has its beauty.

In addition to enjoying the beauty of the sea, you can also visit the Meadows and Savannah Forests to see the green natural beauty that exists on this island. Various types of grass grow in this area.

Activities You Must Do on Komodo Island

As I explained above, when you are on vacation on Komodo Island. There are many activities you can do for fun here. Like:

  • Visiting Komodo National Park
  • Enjoying the Beauty of Pink Beach and its Marine Life
  • Visiting Loh Buaya to Buy Souvenirs

Thus information about the beauty that is on Komodo Island that you should not miss when visiting NTT. If you are looking for a vacation spot other than Komodo Island, you can open the Pesona Indonesia site to see articles on recommended tourist attractions there.