8 Beaches in Lombok Paradise for Surfers

Lombok Tourism Places will never run out because of the many natural and cultural attractions that should not be missed. Lombok is often used as a tourist destination that will never run out. Destinations that many have their own unique make tourists addicted to visiting Lombok. Lombok is famous as a surfing spot for surf lovers. The surfers who come to surf spots in Lombok are not only local surfers. But also surfers from abroad too. This is because the waves owned by several beaches in Lombok are quite large and challenging. Many beaches have big enough waves that can be used as a place to surf. For more details about the best places in Lombok, read more below.

Surfing Spots in Lombok Beach

Exciting Surfing Spots in Lombok

Many beaches have big enough waves that can be used as a place to surf. There are still many people who are confused about choosing a place to surf. The following are some surfing spots in Lombok which are certainly suitable for surfing lovers.

  1. Selong Belanak Beach
    Selong Belanak Beach has a very long, wide, and sloping coastline. In addition, this beach has very interesting waves. The waves are not too high and the sand bottom is gentle enough for beginner surfers. Here, too, it is very easy to find paid surf coaches who are ready to train and assist you, novice surfers.
  2. Tanjung Aan Beach
    Tanjung Aan Beach is located in the southern part of Central Lombok Regency. At Tanjung Aan beach, beginner surfers can try out the waves with a height of 1-2 m. Apart from enjoying the waves, surfers are guaranteed to be pampered by the beautiful panorama that surrounds this surfing spot.
  3. Senggigi Beach
    Senggigi Beach is one of the surfing spots in Lombok. The high and friendly waves are very popular with surfers. We can see the beautiful panorama in Senggigi and also the sunset point
  4. Fresh Beach
    Seger Beach has tremendous potential. Apart from its beautiful panorama, this beach has a high historical value. Seger Beach is one of the destinations for wave hunters. The waves are high enough to be very challenging to conquer.
  5. Mawi Beach
    Mawi Beach is a surfing spot in Lombok which is more visited by foreign tourists than local tourists. The tourists have their reasons why they choose Mawi Beach, which is in South Lombok, as their destination. The reason for that is the waves aka very challenging waves. You must visit Mawi Beach when visiting Lombok.
  6. Desert-Point Bangko-Bangko Pantai Beach
    Desert-Point Beach in the Sekotong Region, West Lombok has the best left-handed wave in the world. And no kidding because the claim was crowned by an Aussie Tracks magazine. Access to locations is still not adequate and infrastructure, as well as facilities such as lodging, are still minimal. But these shortcomings will be paid off when you surf on this beach.
  7. Gerupuk Beach
    Unlike the six spots above, to get to the surf spot, surfers must first use a boat. But you don’t need to worry because many boats can be rented and easily found when you arrive at Gerupuk. Left and right waves are more suitable for longboards. Also read: The charm of Kuta Lombok beach
  8. Reeds
    Alang Alang is one of the beaches located not far from Senggigi beach, which is to the north. This beach also has quite large sea waves which can be used as a place for surfing.

Such is the famous surfing spot or place on the island of Lombok. Stay careful when surfing, yes, safety is still the number one thing to pay attention to. If you want to visit one of the 8 water surfing sports venues in Lombok, you can use our services as a Lombok tour package agent who already has a lot of experience both taking domestic and foreign guests.