The Beauty of Seger Beach, Lombok

Look at the natural scenery that is free and wide and feel the coolness of the sea breeze that hits the body. Let your mind be at one with nature and let your tiredness turn into a sense of comfort. Seger Beach in Central Lombok Regency offers everything you need to unwind.

Traveling 57 kilometers from Mataram City with a travel time of 50 minutes, Pantai Segar is ready to spoil your eyes with the charm of its natural beauty.

Seger Beach, Lombok

Towards Seger Beach which has not been reached by public transportation routes, you should use a rental vehicle. Access is easy to find. Direct the vehicle towards Kuta Beach and continue east. About 2 kilometers from Kuta Beach, you will arrive at Seger Beach which has white sand resembling pepper.

Yes, pepper. That is the uniqueness of Seger Beach. The shape of the white sand is large and round like peppercorns. Coupled with the blue and clear seawater, be prepared to be tempted to throw yourself into the sea that lies in front of Seger Beach.

Seger Beach is perfect for those of you who are looking for tranquility. The quiet atmosphere is perfect for lazing and enjoying the holidays. Sunbathe or just sit and enjoy the beauty of the beach. The clear water makes the coral buried under the sea easily visible – a very beautiful sight. You can climb the corals that appear at low tide and walk towards the middle of the sea, if you are lucky you can find small fish hiding shyly behind the corals.

Behind its beauty, Seger Beach has a legendary myth and is still trusted by the people around the beach. The story begins when the beautiful Princess Mandalika, the descendant of King Tonjang Beri, accepts the request of every prince who wants to marry her. Surprised by the princess’s decision, the princes who were not willing to share the love and affection of the princess agreed to start a war. Whoever wins the war will be entitled to become Princess Mandalika’s husband.

Before the war occurred, the news had been heard by Princess Mandalika. Not wanting anyone to die, this well-behaved princess began to meditate. On the 20th of the 10th month of the Sasak calendar (a tribe in Lombok), the princess summoned all the princes who had proposed to her.

Located on Seger Beach, Putri Mandalika explained that no one has the right to own her heart. Putri feels she is destined to become a nyale (sea worm) so that it can be enjoyed by all the people. At that moment, the princess plunged into the sea and disappeared. He disappeared without a trace. Shortly after that, a large number of nyale appeared on the sea surface.

From then on, the tradition of catching nyale smells (catching) began to be held every year at Seger Beach. This ritual is to commemorate the kindness of Putri Mandalika who was willing to sacrifice herself to prevent a war that could cause casualties. Nyale is not only caught but can be processed and is believed to have high protein.