The Beauty of Segara Anak Lake

There is no doubt that the island of Lombok, in the province of West Nusa Tenggara has many beautiful tourist destinations. In addition to beaches and underwater beauty, Lombok has natural attractions. One of the most tempting natural attractions is Segara Anak Lake, which is located at the top of Mount Rinjani.

According to local stories, the name of this lake itself comes from the word Segara Anak which means Child of the Sea. This is based on the color of the lake water being bluish and resembles the color of seawater. It is not easy to reach Segara Anak lake. Tourists have to walk for 9 hours. Although it is very tiring, it will pay off after arriving, because the views offered are amazing.

Segara Anak Lake, Lombok

One of the uniqueness of this lake is a mountain in the middle of the lake. The mountain is called the New Mountain Jari. Around Lake Segara Anak, tourists can find several hot springs with different levels. Tourists can soak as much as they want in the natural tub or just dip their tired feet from walking all day.

According to the beliefs of the Sasak tribe, water from hot springs can be a cure for all kinds of diseases. And in this area, there is also an old tree that is sacred to residents. Through this tree, it is believed that what we want can come true. The myth that develops in the local community is that if you have a wish that has not been fulfilled, then hang a stone on this tree and say your wish.

If your wish is achieved, then the stone that you hung earlier must be removed immediately. Because of its beauty, many tourists come here not only to witness its natural beauty but also to do other fun activities at the same time. One of them is to spend the night around the lake. Besides being used as a tourist attraction, Lake Segara Anak is also believed to be a sacred place and has a high religious value, so it is widely used by local people to perform various rituals.

It is said that the area around the lake is believed to be the residence of the jinn who live on Mount Rinjani. So to honor the occupants, Hindus, and the Sasak tribe hold a traditional ceremony every year.