The Beauty of Kuta Beach Lombok

If you have never been to Kuta beach Lombok you will be curious, what are the tourist destinations that you can visit there? The beauty of Kuta Beach Lombok that must be known is located in the village of Kuta, Central Lombok district, about 57 KM from the city of Mataram.

Kuta Lombok beach tourist destinations or interesting places that can be visited on this beach, there are several places including Tanjung Aan beach and the center of this beach. The beaches in Lombok have their uniqueness and beauty.

Kuta Beach, Lombok

All of these beaches have a stretch of white sand that is clean and soft, you can feel its beauty when you set foot and walk on the beach there. In addition, the clear and blue seawater is also quite good for those of you who like to swim there.

Rows of coral reefs that have not been touched by humans are also very exotic and beautiful. You can see the beautiful view of Kuta beach clearly from the top of Mandalika hill, a hill whose name is taken from the name of a beautiful princess.

There are several reasons why the beauty of Lombok’s Kuta beach that must be known and visited is made as a tourist destination for Lombok’s Kuta Beach, one of which is the biota life of coral reefs are very beautiful. In addition to beach tourism, on this Lombok beach, you can see the original life of the Sasak tribe, the native tribe of the island of Lombok.

The Sasak tribe still carries out several traditional ceremonies such as the Bau Nyale ceremony. This ceremony is carried out to commemorate the beautiful princess Mandalika who died at sea for the peace of her area, the residents believe that this princess’s hair becomes nyale worms in the sea so that fishermen will look for these worms as part of the ritual of the Nyale odor ceremony which is held February or March.

Those are some of the Lombok Kuta beach tourist destinations that are very extraordinary and interesting to visit. For those of you who like to travel to the beach, Kuta Lombok beach should be one of the destinations for beach tourism that you will visit.

Apart from the beautiful panorama that you can get and enjoy here, this beach is not too crowded and crowded by travelers so you can relax and be comfortable on this beach. Especially if you are on vacation to the beach with all your family members, renting a vehicle will help you save more time as well as on accommodation.

You can rent a vehicle there, to make it even easier you can contact Lombok Tour Plus, there are several vehicles for rent as well as a comfortable lodging place for you and your family to stay while on vacation at the beach.

Comfort during the holidays will make you feel like a real vacation and of course, you will be entertained and your vacation will be more memorable. That’s a review of some tourist destinations that can be visited on Kuta Lombok beach that you must visit.